I. Global Water Temperatures
II. Regional Water Temperatures

I. Global Water Temperatures

  1. Current and historical global sea surface temperatures – Space Science & Engineering Center University of Wisconsin-Madison
  2. EPA’s climate change indicator charts on historic global sea surface temperatures – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  3. Global and regional Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Contour Charts – NOAA – Office of Satellite and Product Operations
  4. Links to regional sea temperature maps globally – WeatherOnline Ltd.
  5. Historical page on land and ocean temperatures by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies – NASA
  6. Met Office’s main page on land and ocean temperature data – Met Office
  7. National Centers for Environmental Information’s Access Data page – Includes links to ocean temps, heat and salt content, and atlas – NOAA
  8. Surf forecast and surf reports for over 7,000 surf spots – SurfForecast.com
  9. World Sea Temperatures – Seatemperature.org

II. Regional Water Temperatures

  1. Africa: Current Africa sea temperatures – Seatemperature.org
  2. Asia: Current Asia sea temperatures – Seatemperature.org
  3. Australia: Current Australia & Pacific sea temperatures –  Seatemperature.org
  4. Australia: Interactive map of Australian sea surface temperature – CSIRO
  5. Australia: Latest weather conditions, water temps from Ningaloo Reef to One Tree Island, Australia – Australian Institute of Marine Science
  6. Europe: Current Europe sea temperatures – Seatemperature.org
  7. Central America: Current Central America sea temperatures – Seatemperature.org
  8. North America: Current North America sea temperatures – Seatemperature.org
  9. Middle East: Current Middle East sea temperatures – Seatemperature.org
  10. South America: Current South America sea temperatures – Seatemperature.org
  11. US: NCEI’s clickable map showing coastal water temperatures in the US – NOAA
  12. US: Satellite images of sea surface temperature of the Northeastern US from Rutgers’ Coastal Ocean Observation Lab – Rutgers University