Coral Reefs

I. Coral Reefs
II. Marine Sanctuaries

I. Coral Reefs

  1. Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) – Nonprofit to protect coral reefs, among its mission is to ensure sustainable fisheries to sustain healthy reef ecosystems.
  2. Global Coral Reef Alliance (GCRA) – US-based nonprofit coalition with a page on “Reef Issues.”
  3. Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN) – Organization that is “an informal partnership between Nations and organizations which strives to preserve coral reefs and related ecosystems around the world.”
  4. Great Barrier Reef Foundation – Nonprofit that funds “priority projects that help protect and restore the Great Barrier Reef and build its resilience in the face of major threats.”
  5. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) – Australian Government
  6. Guam Division of Aquatic & Wildlife – Government of Guam information on Guam’s Coral Reef Initiative.
  7. Hawaii Coral Reef Network – Organization dedicated to coral reef resources, composed of state and non-governmental agencies.
  8. International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) – Organization that works with others in protecting the coral reefs.
  9. New Jersey Reefers Club (NJRC) – US-based nonprofit for coral reef conservation.
  10. Reef Ball Foundation – US-based nonprofit using “Reef Balls,” artificial reef modules placed in the ocean to form reef habitats, to protect the natural reef system.
  11. ReefBase – Project at the headquarters of the WorldFish Center in Penang, Malaysia, ReefBase links to directory of photos, publications and maps.
  12. Reef Check Foundation – International nonprofit dedicated to tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs.
  13. Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) – US-based nonprofit dedicated to educating others about marine ecosystems.
  14. Reef Relief – US-based nonprofit membership organization dedicated to protecting the coral reef ecosystem.
  15. SaveNature.Org – US-based nonprofit with an Adopt A Reef program.
  16. Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) – US-based nonprofit’s page on coral reefs.
  17. XL Catlin Seaview Survey – Organization devoted to scientific study of the coral reef systems.
  18. January 2018, Science Magazine Vol 359, Issue 6371 – Spatial and temporal patterns of mass bleaching of corals in the Anthropocene

II. Marine Sanctuaries

  1. Office of National Marine Sanctuaries / NOAA – “The network includes a system of 13 national marine sanctuaries and Papahānaumokuākea and Rose Atoll marine national monuments.”
  2. Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary – Marine sanctuary off the coast of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in California.
  3. Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary – Point Reyes Station, CA, Wildlife Watching.
  4. Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary – “The shoreward boundary of the sanctuary is the mean high-water mark, essentially meaning that once you set foot in Keys waters, you have entered the sanctuary.”
  5. Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary – “It is the only sanctuary site located in the Gulf of Mexico.”
  6. Gerry E. Studds Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary – The marine sanctuary’s headquarters are located in Scituate, Mass.
  7. Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary – Online site for largest near-shore “live-bottom” reefs of the southeastern US in Georgia.
  8. Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary (GFNMS) – The public Visitor Center on Crissy Field in the Presidio of San Francisco.
  9. Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary – The Sanctuary Visitor Center is in Kihei, Maui.
  10. Monitor National Marine Sanctuary (MNMS) – On January 30, 1975, the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary (MNMS) was designated our nation’s first national marine sanctuary.” Newport News, Virginia.
  11. Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) – California marine sanctuary for whale watching, wildlife viewing, tide pooling and kayaking.
  12. National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa – “NOAA co-manages the sanctuary with the American Samoa Government and works closely with communities adjacent to the sanctuary, all within the context of Samoan cultural traditions and practices.”
  13. Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary – Washington state marine sanctuary includes rocky reef habitats.
  14. Papahnaumokukea Marine National Monument – Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument with extensive coral reefs.
  15. Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary – Marine sanctuary in Alpena, Michigan, with an online page about shipwrecks.