Ocean Info: Aggregated Information on Our Oceans

The ocean-related information on this site is divided into the following categories:

  • Global and Regional Water Temperatures
  • Coral Reefs and Marine Sanctuaries
  • Currents and Tides
  • Global and Regional Water Salinity
  • Global Water Height
  • Oxygen in the Ocean
  • Ocean Pollution and Noise Pollution
  • Fisheries and Marine Life
  • Beach Information and Floats and Conditions

We believe the oceans are vitally important to us all. Oceans affect, in part, our oxygen, health, food, medicine, jobs, economy, and recreation.

Oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface, produce half of the world’s oxygen, and absorb 50 times as much carbon dioxide as the atmosphere, according to the National Ocean Service.

The goal of this site is to pull together (aggregate) seemingly reliable information on the conditions of our oceans and their vital parts. Definitions for the different categories on this site are found on the methodology page.

We hope you find the ocean-related facts and opinions interesting and useful.

We realize that the links listed are only a fraction of those available on this topic, but we are limited in resources so we tried to post links that seem to be a good representation of the various categories.

Please note that we are not covering ocean-related conservation efforts, which many others are addressing.