Aggregated Information on Our Oceans
Updated 7/21/15

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I. Global Water Temperatures

II. Regional Water Temperatures

I. Global Water Temperatures

  1. Current and historical global sea surface temperatures Space Science & Engineering Center University of Wisconsin-Madison

  2. EPA's climate change indicator charts on historic global sea surface temperatures Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  3. Global and regional Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Contour Charts NOAA - Office of Satellite and Product Operations

  4. Global beach WebCams live, and ocean temperatures TIVAS SL - Telecomunicacion, Informatica, Video, Audio y Servicios, SL

  5. Links to regional sea temperature maps globally WeatherOnline Ltd.

  6. Monthly updated page on land and ocean temperatures by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies

  7. Met Office's main page on current and historical land and ocean temperature data Met Office

  8. National Centers for Environmental Information's Access Data page includes links to ocean temps, heat and salt content, and atlas NOAA

  9. Surf forecast and surf reports for over 7,000 surf spots Meteo365.com

  10. World Sea Temperatures Seatemperature.org

II. Regional Water Temperatures

  1. Africa: Current Africa sea temperatures Seatemperature.org

  2. Asia: Current Asia sea temperatures Seatemperature.org

  3. Australia: Current Australia & Pacific sea temperatures Seatemperature.org

  4. Australia: Interactive map of Australian sea surface temperature in the last 6 days CSIRO

  5. Australia: Australian Institute of Marine Science Latest weather conditions, water temps from Ningaloo Reef to One Tree Island, Australia

  6. Europe: Current Europe sea temperatures Seatemperature.org

  7. Central America: Current Central America sea temperatures Seatemperature.org

  8. North America: Current North America sea temperatures Seatemperature.org

  9. Middle East: Current Middle East sea temperatures Seatemperature.org

  10. South America: Current South America sea temperatures Seatemperature.org

  11. US: NCEI's clickable map showing coastal water temperatures in the US NOAA

  12. US: Satellite images of sea surface temperature of the Northeastern U.S. from Rutgers' Coastal Ocean Observation Lab Rutgers University

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